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Long time no post: A Six Year Blackout

September 13, 2016
Posted at 10:37 pm

Hello my fellow readers.
Long time no post, though you'd think I had never posted here since blog entries were deleted.
I'm in a Creative Writing class. Despite the new story I just posted today, and will continue Friday, that is not one of my assignments.
Still, at least with my work from the class, I will post them as short stories. Remember that story Dark America? Yeah, that one. I may write short stories in that universe to flesh out that universe and the characters within it. Since our class will be doing workshops, if my class doesn't jive with these stories I'm thinking up from the remnants of Dark America in my head, I'll have to scrap the idea for the time being.
But. I'm back. Look for more Galbadia Prime Online on Friday, hopefully...? every week! I can tell you that right now, Chapter 2 is already written and will post on Friday or Saturday, give or take a few hours for the Mods.

Perhaps I shall call this day Creative Writing Spirit Day. Happy Creative Writing Spirit day, on this here September 13!
Forgive me folks. I've been reading a lot of "Modern Arther Trilogy. Well, that is to say once, but that's enough. :)