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'Ah fuck me' is back better than ever, cough, cough :-)

September 11, 2016
Posted at 3:02 pm

Greetings and salutations,

It's me, the author of 'Ah fuck me'.

I've been away for a while, just how long I hadn't realized till I looked at my last blog entry. I am giving you all fair warning, I am back, and writing again. Read at your own risk.

I had to stop because I couldn't stand to edit my own story any longer, and I wasn't getting any of the help I needed.

I don't know about other writers, but trying to edit your own work can be an exercise in futility. But I have some help now, a program that reads back what I have written.

There is nothing like hearing your words spoken, even by a computer voice, that screams back at you, just how poor your writing skills are.

While I can create a great story, I can't write worth a damn. If it was not for 'Windows Office, Word', its spell checker, and its review, pointing out the more glaring mistakes, then having a program call 'TextAloud', read back my text, I would be a hopeless mess. (I can see some of you thinking to yourselves, he still is a hopeless mess)

I have been rereading, and editing the first two chapters. I shiver at the thought of those friends of mine that have suffered thru reading one of my letters. I now know why they don't write back, they don't want to encourage me to answer.

Well as for an Update on what I am doing. As I said I been editing, and rewriting, and editing it again, 'Ah fuck me', and I just about have the first two chapters done.

They are now twice as long, and maybe twice as boring. Who knows? And I have written some new chapters, continuing the story, and have move further along.

I have more of a long range concept as to where I am wanting to take this story. I want to flesh out all my characters, and will be filling in gaps, and omissions on my World War 2 segment, and there will be another alternate time jump. I don't want to give too much away as I haven't written it yet, and I like to be surprised like you are, at what pops up upon the screen.

Maybe some of you will give me ideas, just be aware I don't often use them, no matter how good you think they are. If you have an idea you feel that strongly about I suggest writing it yourself. You don't think you're that good a writer, well join the crowd, not too many of us are.

But I can tell you, the more you do, the better you will get. You will get better, and that is no lie.