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After the Ever After

September 10, 2016
Posted at 8:40 pm

My story "Fun with the Colte Family" was my attempt to write a multi-chapter story similar to the smutty Liverpool Press novels I used to read in the Seventies and Eighties. I'm kind of pleased with how it came out, considering it's the first work I've ever completed of that length. And I think I managed to get the feel of those old Liverpool books - a slow buildup to a total family fuckfest, where everyone's cheerfully enjoying the various depravities with each other.

In all those old books, though (and in my story), things just kind of hit a point where it becomes "see, isn't this great"? and everything fades to black. The End. Family loves fucking each other, and they live happily ever after.

I've idly wondered for awhile what the characters in those stories would be like a year or two after those stories end, though. What happens after Mom gives birth to her son Bobby's baby? What happens when Adam goes off to college and gets a girlfriend who's not related to him? Is Sarah still super enthusiastic to fuck her brothers like a crazed slut, or does the allure/novelty wear off?

It's interested me enough to dabble with writing some "Colte" sequels - one with Judy (Mom), one with Sarah. I'm focusing on some other stuff first, but I think these will be fun to write.

Thoughts or preferences of what you might like to see, if you've read "Fun With the Colte Family", is certainly appreciated. (Although I suspect few really read this blog, to be honest. But it's an excuse to work out some of my musings, I guess.)