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Chapter 26

September 9, 2016
Posted at 2:23 pm

I've posted Chapter 26 to the moderators. It's an interesting chapter, consisting almost completely of Matt's initial conversation with Dr. Spencer as a therapist, rather than a physician. It was one of those scenes where the next line just seemed to be at the end of my fingertips before I was consciously aware of what was going to be said. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

As ever, thanks to everyone who messages me about the story. Not a lot of corrections lately, so either I'm getting better as a writer, my editors are doing a perfect job catching them (FAR more likely)or people are starting to back off on sending them in. I'm planning on reposting the entire story once it's done to update all the corrections at once, so please, continue to send in corrections.

In a related topic, I want to encourage people to send me feedback or just engage me on what they liked about the story. I had a long letter the other day asking questions about the future of the story, voicing suspicions about foreshadowing and breadcrumbs I'd left in the story already. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I sent an equally lengthy reply back. Matt's been consuming all my free time for months now. This has become a legitimate passion for me. Hearing from other people who are passionate about it is a genuine joy and a welcome break from writing and editing.

Thank you all for making this story a success. I've watched the rating and the download count rise significantly and it's awe-inspiring. I'm humbled by the response every single day.