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Chapter 25

September 8, 2016
Posted at 3:17 pm

Today's chapter is in the pipeline and is awaiting approval for posting.

This is the introduction of Dr. Spencer's friend and colleague, Dr. Saddler. It's also Matt's interview before the review board and much, much more. I hope you all enjoy it.

On another note, I'm just about done rereading Stupid Boy and starting to refocus my mind on Matt and his woes. I should be back to writing again before the end of the week, feeling refreshed from the break.

Having written three books back-to-back, I was starting to get a little burnt-out. I needed a little time away from the characters and events to remind myself what I love about each of them. Now that I've had that time, I'm looking forward to delving back in.

Special thanks to all the people who've sent me feedback and especially those who have pointed out things in the story that intrigued them, made them wonder, wanted clarification on or just wanted to ask about the inspiration for. I love this story more than I can say. When someone else who loves it comes to me and tells me what they love or wants to know more, it sincerely makes my day. Keep it up. I have so much motivation to write from those letters that I can't convey how inspirational they are.