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You're all very quiet!

September 4, 2016
Posted at 3:13 pm

Just prepped chapter 27. I can kind of see why it's relatively quiet in my mailbox; if you were served a 27 course meal, you'd stop thanking the chef after each course at around course... I dunno, three? Still, it's a bit eerie, shouting into a void. Most I got the past few weeks were a few 'Hey, why can't I read your OTHER books for free?!' emails.

Still, all is vanity so never mind. Just drop me a line when we're done, if you had fun. (Since we've been going since April, I'm pretty sure you have a pretty good idea of how you'll rate this by now.)

Meanwhile, big thumbs up for Storiesonline for having such cool posting guidelines. Literotica refused chapter 26 because of that incident where Martin walks in on Kelly. (Actually they allowed it and then pulled it when some goodie two shoes complained...) They also need a week (A WEEK!) to clear a chapter.

Over on Lit. a lot of folks were quite upset at Martin's involvement in the death of Christopher Ames. One keeps coming back to call him a murderer in the comments. You haven't lived until you've received an anonymous email from someone who berates you for the death of an unpleasant character in a fictional comedy story and then says he will have to stop jacking off to... I mean reading your free book.

The fourth Carstairs book is coming along nicely, by the way. I do have a mailing list on my website, if you're interested. Toodle pip!