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September 1, 2016
Posted at 9:34 am

I sent Bachgen the latest New Hood chapter for him to look at, so I could post all of the Stories together before I send it out to HP. But my computer crashed again after I closed it, and it would not wake back up. This morning it came back on so I am posting what I have and and will post the New Hood when it gets back. I wrote a new story that was demanding to get out. An author I respect asked to finish writing and post it. It is a western, and though I have camped in my lifetime, I am no camper as I have said this before. I am tied to way to many electric devices to be in the woods. the Story is called The Return of the Mack. Mack Shaft is a Buffalo Soldier trying to return to life after being both a slave and Union Army Soldier. The story begins with his fight to get out of the Army we will learn more about who helped Mack get to where he was along the way as he returns to his home plantation before heading west if he is lucky.