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Chapter 16

August 31, 2016
Posted at 1:08 pm

Chapter 16 is awaiting moderator approval.

Ah, the restaurant scene. This was a good scene for me for many reasons. I felt like it was a brief glimpse into Matt's potential to adapt to his situation. It was also the sudden change of direction that took the story away from what I'd intended for it in the beginning. This chapter's conclusion was a complete surprise for me and I hope it has the same affect on all of you.

As always, thanks to all the people that have sent me feedback and corrections. I appreciate every email you send and I reply to them all except for the anonymous ones.

As a final note, I've had several people this week ask if they could buy advanced copies of the book as a whole. I have mixed feelings about that practice and mostly I feel like it's a little presumptuous of a first time writer to be selling his work when the original plan was to post it for free. Consider this a call-out for opinions. After this chapter, people may be a little biased toward wanting to know what happens next, but hopefully I can get a read on what people generally feel about paying an author for first read on new content.