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It's time for my annual update.

August 31, 2016
Posted at 10:18 am

Had someone email me to update the status of my writing so here it is.

I am writing. My muse took me back to my original series Hindsight 20/20. Britt isn't the mane character in this book but one of the other characters steps up to tell their story. I'm at 140,000 words so far and don't know if it will end up being one, two or three books. I've also decided to take a different approach to posting the story.

I've always completed a book before I start posting and then have posted a chapter a day. I'm going to follow the lead of another author on this site and post a chapter a week but offer the complete book for a small fee.

This is to help me raise some money for some people that I know that could use some financial help. None of the proceeds will go to me or my family.

I have moved around some of my activities outside of work and the words seem to be flowing. Nick might be next or at least that's the way that I'm leaning.

I started this Hindsight 20/20 book 4 over the July 4th holiday weekend but don't know when I'll finish it.

Sorry for the long drought. Been working and keeping very busy.