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Sorry Guys I know that it's been a while.

August 28, 2016
Posted at 5:40 am

The Past few years have sort of sucked and it has played hell on my free time. Even worse when I had the free time I had a severe case I don't give a shit. I'm simply being as truthful as I know how, you deserve no less.
As to the second story 'PPG Playtime is over! I made the mistake posting what you have read so far way too soon. I apologies for that.Ive made some changes in the direction I was going with it and so some of whats been posted will be reworked and re uploaded. but the focus on the story just isn't my main goal now. I have every desire to finish what I started and I will! n the mean time Ive begun seriously writing in my own universe and I will be posting original content here in the very near future.As I have already said Playtime is over will be finished But it will likely be the last fan fiction that I write. Its just too painful getting attached to characters and a universe and knowing from the out set that nothing that you do makes a damn bit of difference. Well that's about what I came here to say. For anyone that reads this Thank you for your attention and stay tuned. The bear is back.