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I'm looking for some facts

August 27, 2016
Posted at 4:14 pm

Currently I'm working on a post-apocalyptic tale and I need some information. It about six weeks after most of mankind met there end and the primary character is out foraging. He heads into a grocery store. The power is still up here and elsewhere in the story. He walks over to the freezer section. There is ice cream, pizzas and in the cooler section all your normal dairy products. Ignoring the fact that most of the products are well past the manufacturer's recommended eat by date, what is the possibility of him finding anything still edible. I'm only focused on the freezer and cooler section. Yes the store is filled with tons of dried and canned goods that he can take for his own use but he wants ice cream, pizza, and some cheese. How long can a tub of ice cream sit in a store freezer or a brick of butter in the store cooler> Does anyone know?

I've done some online looking but I can't find anything related to this.


The Blind Man