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Writing humor: Beware! There be Dragons!

August 27, 2016
Posted at 1:15 pm

My latest story, "Divorce: Who Knew?" is my first attempt at writing humor, and it has been an education! :D

First, the good points: It has almost 3,000 downloads at this time, and more votes than my other two stories combined. That's a record for me. So, thank you all for reading, and thank you for voting. I also appreciate all the feedback comments. I've tried to reply to all of them, but apologize if I overlooked anyone.

Second: From the number of votes in the 1-3 range, I can only assume that I've seriously offended some Pagans & Wiccans. My Ex is a Wiccan, so I know how easy it is to offend them - if she is any example! Oh well, it is sometimes said that humor which doesn't offend someone isn't all that funny. :D