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Chapter 10

August 26, 2016
Posted at 1:21 pm

I've submitted Chapter 10 for posting so it should be up shortly. This one contains a character that I thought was kind of fun to play around with a little, but no spoilers from me.

I did want to say a word about something that was sent to me anonymously. Someone pointed out that the use of foreshadowing was taking them out of the moment and losing the carefree attitude of the scenes. I actually did this on purpose. The prologue is the present day. All the verbs are present-tense and it's what's happening to Matt in the immediate present (Or more accurately, in the near future sometime since the story isn't done yet). The main story though is Matt's recollections. Everything is past tense and is sometimes colored with his narration of events.

Thanks again to everyone who's messaged me with support, criticism, error fixes and general feedback. I love all of it.