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August 25, 2016
Posted at 6:44 am

I have a computer issue that has been an issue for about two weeks and the computer id ue to be sent in. I have E-mailed a new Teddy's World and a new story that forced itself on me. An Author I won't name asked politely for me to post the story as it is a western. What I know about the old west is from TV and the stories here on SOL and how folks of color were treated back then. My people are Union Army people who must put their life together after the Civil War. These are just men trying to live not right wrongs. There will be no use of the 'N WORD' I have to use a term of slur I chose Darkie which is nearly as bad, please let us leave it at that. I am writing a New Hood to post before I send the computer in to be fixed. I am asking doe the majority want me to post the two stories now or wait and finish all three together. I have the stories already written safely e-mail they are going nowhere in the computer crashes. So I am asking what the Sol Community wants about the posts. Thanks BUICK GS