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Moving Forward

August 24, 2016
Posted at 9:20 pm

Unfortunately, the story Of Dancers and Doves is on hold for the time being. The completed chapters, notes, characters, and chapter list were saved on an external hard drive that decided it would up and quit. I've been working on piecing everything back together to finish the story, but so far haven't had a lot of success in feeling motivated to do all the work over again. I will finish the story, but it hasn't been my priority for the last few weeks.

Twisted Bolt, totaling about 15 chapters, will be released in the coming month. My goal is to post a chapter a week, but sometimes it doesn't work out as planned. The main character is Ethan Fowler, a trade runner in the distant future. Strapped for credits, he agrees to transport a mother and daughter despite his deep reservations about their honesty. His decision has far reaching consequences when he becomes entangled in a dangerous political struggle revolving around the two women.

I would like to thank everyone that had sent e-mails to me over the last couple months. Both your words of encouragement and constructive criticism have helped inspire me to write more.

Project list:

Posting: Twisted Bolt

Re-write: Of Dancers and Doves

Writing and Editing of:

Dead Debts - High Fantasy - In-writing
Charon's Tome: Tanner Grimes Book 1 - Paranormal - In-writing
To Stand Against A Label - Superhero - Writing pending
Fight On - Sci-Fi - Halted until writing skills improve
Edge of Life - LitRPG - Writing pending
(Title Pending) - High Fantasy - Halted until writing skills improve
(Title Pending) - Zombie erotic-thriller - In-writing

The order and time of release will mainly depend on what I have time for, how accomplished I feel I've gotten in telling each story, and the amount of revisions and editing that needs to be done.