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Chapter 5

August 22, 2016
Posted at 4:46 pm

Chapter five is in the pipeline and the moderators should have it up shortly.

A lot of people have given me a lot to think about in regards to ways to make the story better and one of the ways that has been suggested is to be more explicit with my physical descriptions of the characters themselves. I realized that I've been leaving the characters' descriptions slightly vague and this was done, to a certain extent, on purpose. I've been painting them in broad brushstrokes and letting you, the reader, fill in the details to your own personal satisfaction. I'm currently looking at upcoming chapters for areas where I think I can insert a longer, more telling description, but I also want you all to chime in on the idea and see if you'd prefer to keep those details up to your imagination or if you'd rather see these characters more defined from my vision.

As always, I look forward to all the feedback I've been getting and I try to message everyone back unless they message me anonymously.

I hope you all enjoy Chapter 5 and the rest of the story as it unfolds. Enjoy and thank you for all your support and feedback.