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The Caveman--Chapters 12-13

August 19, 2016
Posted at 9:45 am

Well, you must've known we'd get there. That's about as explicit as sex gets in my writings, I'm afraid. I did label this one "minimal sex," remember?
Hugo's shock at seeing the violence and killing and such on TV may strike you as a bit overblown. Certainly human history is replete with such events, and worse; and most likely that also extends back into prehistoric periods. On the other hand, excessive violence in our prehistory wouldn't have been much of a species survival trait, so it's unlikely to have been a commonplace event. I might also point out that, while members of other mammalian species certainly have their altercations, it's unusual for them to result in the death of a combatant; if two wolves, or lions or whatever get into it, the most common result is that the loser is permitted to retire from the field and lick his (or her) wounds without the victor pursuing to inflict additional, unnecessary damage. I've chosen to impute similar characteristics to my fictitious caveman society.
Oh, about Linda's short tale of her abusive boyfriend. I recall a morning during my first (and not terribly happy) marriage when I awoke to find my wife furious with me over some sort of similar dream she'd had in the night, and she did indeed stay mad at me most of the day. I wonder how many others may have had the same kind of experience. I know for a fact that it does no good to explain how all this was taking place in the dreamer's own head, all that does is aggravate the anger. How dare I seek to excuse my own misbehavior (in her dream), by blaming it on her? The whole thing struck me as so bizarre that I wanted to incorporate it into a novel.