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My Wicked Ways.....

August 18, 2016
Posted at 1:10 am Muse apparently keeps giving me ideas for a serial that I thought was ready to be spun off into more stories. It has taken me, and presumably the readers, not to mention the characters, on a wild ride. New lovers coming in, old lovers going away.....very strange direction indeed, even to me. I apologize to anyone shaken or shellshocked by these changes, but the Muse gets her way, every single time. I am curious to see where she leads Mark and company in the future.

Incidentally, in RL, I wouldn't think of setting such strange conditions as you'll see for a monogamous couple, as they are no less valid than poly people like me. I know plenty of happy monogamous couples, just as I know of happy, decent, well-adjusted, poly folks. However, due to the bizarre, post-apocalyptic world in which they live, and the strange effects of Mark's unusual semen, they have to test the commitment of the couple in question to monogamy before releasing them into its clutches....and frankly, they wanted to use their seed a bit longer until it's time to let go of it. Or, rather the mysterious God that exists in this world. Bear in mind that this story is not an attack on any one religion. This is a work of fiction, after all, so enjoy it as such. Anyway, he's fond of procreation, but not to the exclusion of recreation, or so it seems.

As for my other stories, don't worry....I'm far from done with them, including the Dana and Tear It Up....and Bottoms, among a few. I look forward to your continued readership and feedback. Thanks for reading, commenting, voting, and being patient with my Muse and me.