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The Jack Universe

August 8, 2016
Posted at 6:33 am

Question: I got three separate emails this weekend wanting to know if I was planning anymore stories in the "Jack Universe". Which was something I'd vaguely considered before, but with the end of the original story approaching, it's an idea I'm considering more and more.

I'd want to finish the main original story before starting something else in this "universe". That said, if I did write something else in this setting, is there anything in particular people would be interested in reading about? Maybe something from Chelsea's or Charlotte's perspective? Samantha's trip to Seattle? Or just something with new characters in a new place, where someone's gotten a hold of Jack's special technology?

I'm not promising that I'll turn all suggestions into a story. But if one matches up with something I'm thinking about (or hadn't considered and like), I'll give that idea priority in my writing.