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Added Chapter 3 "I Will Take Care of You"

August 1, 2016
Posted at 1:03 am

I thank my editors, BarneyR and Bohica.

Feel free to read this as light material of no consequence. But for those who care, I did address serious subjects.

-PTSD is described, including an explanation of a main symptom (hyper-vigilance).
-The nature of man, especially his ability to become evil when social restraints are absent is described from my perspective.
-I tried to discuss safe society as a false illusion, but I don't know how successfully. An erotic story is not the best vehicle for this, but, I thought it was worth the effort. Note: This is an attitude I developed when I was sent to Iraq.
-If it is not obvious by now, a key theme is the effect of abuse and/or life threatening situations in psychological and behavioral terms.

For those who don't know, an armor officer is a leader of tank units. And a tank is not any metal vehicle. A tank has a cannon, easily identified by a very large tube. Yes it is rather phallic. Cleaning the gun tube after firing, almost mimics sex.

I do accurately portray the spirit of armored warfare. It is different than the mindset of light infantry (soldier on the ground with a rifle). Foot soldiers rely on being unobserved and dispersed. Tanks excel at concentrated firepower (opposite of dispersed) in a fast, mobile platform (as opposed to boots). No disrespect to the infantry, we simply have different roles and capabilities. We are most effective in combined arms teams (infantry and tanks working together).

Where is the story headed?
Relationships, interesting people, and sex will dominate. Some military/espionage/law enforcement type action is necessary for the story, but I won't know how much space it will take up until I write some and see if I like it. My experience in these types of missions is pretty typical of army officers since Operation Iraqi Freedom began. That is to say, some tactics and techniques I received extensive training (such as a four man stack), but there is a lot I will extrapolate from what I have learned through talking with people I have encountered and reading. As a last resort, I will research and fill in the gaps from novels and movies.

Thank you for the encouraging feedback.