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Added Chapter 2

July 30, 2016
Posted at 8:49 am
Updated: August 1, 2016 - 1:47 am

I appreciate the encouraging feedback messages many have sent me.

I want to offer a special thanks for my editors: BarneyR, RollingRomanticDaydreamer, and Bohica. Without their help this story would be unremarkable. I do think this chapter is much much better written than the Chapter 1.

According to the feedback, readers did not know where the story was going. I think this chapter answers many of those questions.

I do want to provide two disclaimers.

1. The main character does not exhibit any signs of PTSD referenced in Chapter 1. I wrote the story this way intentionally and Chapter 3 will explain that disconnect.

2. The main relationship in this story is sexual but not romantic. I realize that some may find that unbelievable. However, one of the reasons I wrote this story is to explore this kind of relationship.

I am inspired by two of my favorite authors on this site. elsol's "A Master's Ring" describes a society of submissives serving masters. The "siblings" in this story explicitly adore, value, and worship the "brothers", but they are not in love with them.

Likewise, I have been reading bluedragon's "An Ordinary College Sex Life" to refresh my memory of the story before the next chapters come out in the following weeks. In his story, the main character enjoys lasting, deep and meaningful relationships with sex partners in his family and the "adopted" Evans family (total of around six). And he is ever only in love with one of them at a time, if any (It's complicated). Also, the dom/sub relationship between Ben and Kim has also provides opportunity to analyze power exchange relationships.

Of course there are too many inspiring stories on this site to list them all.

I do think my story is very different from the others and that the authors will not feel that I have copied their work in any way. Certainly, my goal to to approach these topics from a different point of view while adding my own ideas, attitudes, and experiences.

Please note that I will be changing the sex content code from Some Sex to Much Sex. I don't know where the boundary is between the two, but I think I am crossing it.


CPT Derek

p.s. "CPT" is the military abbreviation for the army rank of Captain. I hope that is not confusing.