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50 chapters? Are you kidding me?

July 26, 2016
Posted at 7:41 am

Today, or soon thereafter, I will be posting chapter 50 and beyond, and I take a moment to ask how the heck did this story get that big, that out of control. And after some honest reflection I came to realize that I've let the story tell itself, and it's as long as it's needed to be. I appreciate those of you who waited some two years for this thing to be finished, and I'll admit now that it was always going to be finished, but I am cursed with a one-track mind and cannot write than one story at a time. I finished a "normal" novel on commission for an individual; it was great work, I thought, but the commissioner will not let me post it. That's fair; he paid for that right.
I kept the Pact characters in my mind (I have photos that I have used for visual templates of most of them), so once I familiarized myself with all the little story lines that, honestly, I'd forgotten, I moved forward, finished the story, then went BACK and plugged the dangling plot threads. As soon as I finished this blog, I am dropping in the final one. I can only hope that it winds up being a seamless tapestry and The Pact winds up as a favorite of you loyal folks.