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Mom's video

July 23, 2016
Posted at 3:27 am

So far, all comments received have been favorable. Not having to bother with quotation marks or descriptive settings has made it a lot easier to write and it appears that this doesn't put you off, so I will continue.

Think of it as a radio script. Wouldn't it be fun to make an audio book?

Over three fourths of you have given the story a rating of 7 or above, yet the reported score remains near 6 because of a few boo-birds who take advantage of the scoring algorithm to cause it to report an unrealistically low score. Since over 5000 of you have downloaded in the first two days, apparently the low reported score is not such a big deal.

Thanks for reading. If there are any volunteers for the audio book, pick a character and send me a wav file. I will edit them together when all roles are filled.