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Stupid Boy - Junior Year & New Book

July 21, 2016
Posted at 5:21 pm

I'm currently writing the last chapter of Junior Year. I had to break it into 2 parts or I would've never gotten it done ... whew!

The target for posting will be mid to late September. So be on the lookout.

Now for something completely different!
I have a short story that came from sitting around a poker table and listening to my friends tell a few lies... all in good fun. One of them said something that stuck with me. He said 'You Can Sell Anything on Craigslist!'

The next day another friend called me and told how his older sister was giving him a hard time. In joking I told him that he should sell her on Craigslist.

So long story short I couldn't get the concept out of my head. I even tried to pawn the idea off on other writers. So I finally sat down and wrote it. The thing is it is VERY different than anything I've ever written. So much so that I was worried that the readers on SOL wouldn't like it.

Jay Cantrell read it told me to post it. I'm trusting him on this one ... so I'll start posting it this week. I hope you enjoy it.

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