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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Chapter 7

July 2, 2016
Posted at 7:42 pm
Updated: July 2, 2016 - 8:16 pm

In Girls Invitational Michael and the Harem get a new mission.

I had a couple of questions about what ideas bad men got about blood drives - turns out, the bad ideas were about schools...

Find out about the-department-that-doesn't-exist.

This is where the loan of ideas and characters by other Swarm authors starts to pay off. I'll point you to starfiend's Wooly Wilds stories and Medik_4_7 who has posted one story Tulak: Battle of the Ridge and who loaned me Sam and Ki and Ko from a story in progress.

Thanks to you who pointed out errors. I'm on the road, so It may take a day or two to fix them - but I will.

Folks - the ratings dropped a little after the chapter on blood drives and on picking up Eminence, but no one gave me a clue why.

Voting does help me, but telling me what you think helps even more.