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Update on Tony's stories.

June 10, 2016
Posted at 10:25 am

This Tony Sorrentino pen name is one used by the primary pen name of Harry lime to present a younger, more erotic element to new stories. The just added story called "Montezuma's Mystical Maidens" brings his total to 50 stories and before adding any other, he will take some time to work on the unfinished stories in his inventory. There are 5 stories with the dreaded yellow stripe of inactivity and they will be attended to first. They include "Untitled Story", "The Male Night Shift Nurse", "The Caves of Crystal", "Doc and the French Whore" and "The Girl With the Guns and Roses Tattoo". Tony is a much younger edition of Harry Lime with more modern outlooks on sex and the pursuit of friendly females with the vigor of youth and tons of spunky content. After the 5 yellow lined stories are taken care of, Tony's writing will focus on the 20 or so other continuing stories that need additional chapters to bring to a conclusion. Length is not an issue in any of these short stories expanded to satisfy reader's demands.