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I now have an editor

June 8, 2016
Posted at 11:30 pm

For those readers who follow my blog, I have previously expressed an interest in not working with an editor. I know that my grammar and sentence structure is not always as good as it could be, but I worked with editors in the past and I have not been all that interested in working with another editor.

I recently asked for advice about publishing stories as e-books. Jim7 was one of many people who responded to my request and he offered to assist me to prepare my stories for publication. Based on the responses I received, I decided that pursuing commercialization of my stories was not something that I was interested in doing.

Jim7 is still willing to work with me by editing my stories, so I decided to accept his kind offer of assistance. I expect the overall quality of my future stories will improve.

The first story that I will have Jim7 work on is Opening Earth Part 2. I suggested that he read Part 1 for background. He decided to edit it as he reads it, and I do not anticipate any significant changes to the story. Therefore, I will be asking the web master, Lazeez, to replace the existing story files without reposting the story.

Thank you Jim7 for taking on the monumental task of editing Opening Earth Part 1.

I anticipate Part 2 will be ready for posting late this year or early next year.

Thank you,