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Jacob's Granddaughters Chapter 21 coming soon

June 3, 2016
Posted at 2:47 pm

Thank you all for your patience and encouragement. The chapter should be posted sometime later today. I have a lot of excuses for the delay but let us just say life happens. Chapter 21 is 31 pages in word and about 15,000 words - it just sort of got away from me - guess I could have split it in two.

On another topic entirely Excuse my rant but... you all know of my affection for our men and women in uniform especially Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (USMC) my Alma Mater but these days I'm particularly concerned about the bunch of PC obsessed leaders of our military. Just one example - today in the Stars and Stripes is an article about the 32 page (yes 32 freakin pages) bulletin from the Commandant's Office detailing the new tatoo policy. Don't the people at Eighth and I have anything better to do than sit around writing 32 page bulletins about tatoos? WTF Over? Who gives a crap about tatoos when our men and women are being put in harms way? Marines are supposed to be killers and if they want to ink their bodies let them for crying out loud. I no longer have a dog in this fight (actually maybe I do since these men and women are out there so I can sleep safe in my bed) nor do I have a tatoo but lets get real folks I think its time for a command change at HQ USMC!!

As always thanks to Steve my editor for making this a better and more readable story. AA