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Carrying the Flag Update

May 30, 2016
Posted at 7:00 am

Chapter 11 is in the hands of my editor. Unless there are serious issues it should be uploaded later today.

I received some feedback from Anonymous and he, or she, has some good points about Lestat and Hadiya that deserve to be addressed in future chapters. Thank you Anonymous whoever you are.

Aside from the "love at first sight" aspect of the relationship between Lestat and Hadiya -- which is jarring, I admit -- there is a another reason its development isn't explored well and that is the viewpoint I've chosen to write from. Judy can only convey what she sees of the relationship, which strips it of the internal feelings of Lestat and Haddy and misses what goes on "off-stage" between them.

Another point, I have a few interactions with that strange social phenomenon the Goths, and the Vampire subset of it. It is a put on facade of course, a sort of play-acting but behind it there are real emotional and psychological reasons for assuming such a personna. Exploring or revealing those back-stories may well become part of Carrying the Flag.

Thanks as always for the feedback. Very often it is questions like that which influence my writing.

Thank you.