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Thank You for Your Support

May 26, 2016
Posted at 10:51 am

I would like to thank my readers who nominated my story 'Opening Earth' for the various categories of the 2015 Clitorides Award. I would also like to thank my readers who voted for my story in the two categories in which the story made it into the finals.

I have mentioned in the past to many of my readers that I write to satisfy an inner need. I have also acknowledged that my ego appreciates the high ratings my readers give my stories. Because of my focus on writing, I have not followed the nominations and voting of the Clitorides Awards. I hadn't voted or even looked at the stories that had been nominated for awards, so I was pleasantly surprised when I learned 'Opening Earth' had been nominated for an award in at least two categories.

I decided that I would have to pay a bit of attention to the Clitorides Awards in the coming years. While exploring the Clitorides Award web page, I stumbled into the listing of stories nominated for the 2016 Clitorides. I learned that several readers have already nominated 'The Ark' for an award. I would like to thank those readers for their support. I would also like to thank my readers for any nomination that they may wish to submit in the future to include those readers who may choose to vote for my stories in the finals of the 2016 Clitorides, assuming that my nominated stories make it into the finals.

Once again, I thank all of my readers for their support. I especially appreciate the E-mails I receive from my readers and I appreciate those readers who take the time to rate my stories. Based on past E-mails and ratings, I plan to continue my efforts in providing my readers with interesting and reasonably well written stories. As you all know, I make my share of grammatical errors and other mistakes.