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I guess you guys liked chapter 13!

May 25, 2016
Posted at 8:40 am

It's always nice to wake up to a fan mail, if I may call them that, but after chapter 13 went online I got eight of them in the space of ten hours! Some readers wanted to share some nitpicks (which I enjoy reading because I do update my books every once in a while and I'll usually fix whatever mistake was pointed out), but most of you seemed to enjoy the rant at the end.

What is most gratifying to me is that this particular chapter contained no sex whatsoever, but it seemed to have struck a nerve (or tickled a funny bone). I too like a bit of sexiness from time to time, but I'm glad that you, like me, all seem to prefer a good story.

I'm glad to say that at this point there is a lot more action ahead. I know I take my sweet time setting it all up, but I'm confident in saying it's worth it. Keep an eye out for chapter fifteen, my personal favourite!