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Sigh ...

May 17, 2016
Posted at 3:10 pm

Around the trials and tribulations of "Real Life" I've been finalizing "That Swarm Story". I've got that last chapter to clean up. Then the process begins. Being a Swarm Cycle Universe story it has to be submitted to the "Keepers of The Canon" the Swarm Authors Board. The informal collection of active Swarm Cycle Authors and We "cuss and discuss" and I get a "Go/No Go". Go and I start posting. No Go and we go back to the "cuss/discuss" and make corrections.

I expect a Go.

Right now "Bound and Determined" sits at ~26,600 words and 8-10 chapters of irregular lengths. I will be posting a couple chapters a week. And I start writing again. There will be a Part Two.

As a teaser some of the Characters from "Bound and Determined" are showing up in my "Tulak: Battle of the Ridge" and Omachuck's "The Times They Are A' Changing" and his soon to be posted "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" All of those are years up time from this story.