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What a difference a week makes!

May 17, 2016
Posted at 6:21 am

Much thanks to my editors, and football advisors for helping me get this chapter out!

On the homefront, unfortunately this would be the last chapter that I would be able to post for the next two weeks. The main reason why I would not be free to write a new chapter is because I would be swamped with trial prep, and then going to trial itself. (As part of the Bar exam - we have to fulfil the requirement of clerking with a firm for six months. I am currently close to the end of my tenure with the firm that I am clerking with.)

The other reason is that this part of the story is just such a chore to get out for me. I have gotten organised - following the examples of other successful authors, and collated a list of plot-lines, chapter summaries et cetera. Stemming from this, I actually lost myself writing up to 20,000 words worth of future chapters before realising that I have got to complete Chapter 8!


As always, it's been a joy.