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A Fantasy Too Far - Preface

May 13, 2016
Posted at 11:20 pm

I've written, and will continue to write, stories including or revolving around rape by creatures, monsters, demons. I am well aware of the phenomenon of women with rape fantasies, and how that sort of subject matter feeds those fantasies with things that are impossible in real life. But now, a brief departure from that and something more down to earth.

The story I am about to post (continuing over the next couple of weeks) is rooted in a thought experiment: Women with rape fantasies know the difference between their fetish and reality. But... what happens if they get what they've always and never wanted? What happens if the fantasy becomes all too real, and what happens if the real keeps going until it wraps around to fantasy again?

If you are remember the movie "The Neverending Story", recall that Bastian discovers his fictional fantasy world is real, but is also told that he and that fantasy world are both fiction to another level of audience higher above him. In other words, this is still only a story, so even if you have access to a rape fantasy aficionado, absolutely do not try anything like this at home.