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Vengeance is Mine

May 12, 2016
Posted at 11:35 am

Vengeance is Mine is my latest story, it begins like this, "In Millie's Vast Expanse, not every story has a happy ending - not all lives are sunshine and rainbows. Demons walk among us, they move in the shadows watching, waiting for the opportunity to devour those they can."

It is a story of justice or at least a raw, vigilante revenge justice, "Offered up for your approval, the life and times of one Elizabeth "Shortcake" Dyer, a woman slight of stature, with an enormous intellect, who pursues retribution with a dogged determination that would make a bulldog proud. A deeply scarred woman who never wallowed in self-pity but channeled her rage to helping others. When she ran into brick walls in the pursuit of justice, she manufactured vengeance, for, after all, vengeance has its own sufficiency."

I'm partial to this story, and not just because I wrote it. I sometimes don't like my own stories but this one I do like and I hope you will like it as well.

Check it out here