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To Sell or Not to Sell

May 10, 2016
Posted at 3:23 pm

Hello all,

Over the past few years, starting with "A Flawed Diamond," I think, I've gotten offers at the start of each story either to purchase an "advanced" copy of the completed story or to compensate me for my time and work. The concept grew with "Unforgettable Weeks" and has grown farther with "Runaway Train."

I'm not certain why the concept of selling the stories makes me uncomfortable. I am a capitalist at heart.

I am flattered beyond words that people find my efforts worthy of compensation. It makes me glad to know that readers like the story so much they are willing to shell out their hard-earned money to read it all at once.

The generosity of the SOL family never ceases to amaze me.

Yet I still find the concept unsettling.

Perhaps it is because I've never had a job I truly enjoyed and I don't want a hobby I like to turn into a job. Perhaps it is because I know the value of my labor better than anyone and I don't think it worth compensation.

I suppose I should sit down and reflect on it some but I know me well enough to know I won't - or if I do it will be far in the future.

Suffice it say that, for now, advanced copies of completed unpublished work are not available for purchase. Any money that a reader wishes to donate to me would be better spent by Lazeez to keep the site up and running.

I truly appreciate the kindness that comes along with each offer of compensation but I am not comfortable with the concept at this point.

Best wishes to all,
Jay C.