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"The Arrangement," Chapter 11

May 6, 2016
Posted at 10:05 am

Two chapters in the same week! I must really love you guys!! No, seriously, I got on a tear this week, and chapters 10 and 11 almost wrote themselves.

So, you get chapter 11 today (just submitted to SOL). Caitlin returns, and she might even get naked this time!!

No promises on chapter 12, though. It's going to be a hard one to write, and so I might not have it done for a couple of weeks. Although I still think Mark and Riley will have a happy ending when all is said and done, they have a few obstacles to overcome before the story is finished. The transition from high school to college can be a difficult one.

Thank you for all the positive feedback, and thanks to all who have voted. If you haven't yet voted for The Arrangement, please do, especially if you like it! I'd love to see this story break the "8" barrier.