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Virgin Territory

May 5, 2016
Posted at 7:04 pm
Updated: May 5, 2016 - 7:10 pm

A huge thanks to everyone who has read my story so far. Simply driving up the number of downloads has bolstered my confidence.

I would also like to thank those who have taken the time to E-mail me regarding the minor grammatical/spelling errors. While I appreciate your help in pointing out the errors I've made, do not be offended if I leave the errors be. I'm also, perhaps more receptive, and grateful to those who have pointed out factual errors made, such as the disparity in height (Chpt 1) being actually 5 inches.

The reason for this is simple. I am currently studying for the Bar exam, and as such, am churning out the chapters as and when I find time to do so. Lack of literary accuracy is by no means on purpose. I am in the midst, as per some of your suggestions, of getting an editor on board.

So far, my take on this story is that it is as much a literary project/undertaking for me to dip my toes in the world of story-telling/being an author, as it is to relieve some stress amidst all the studying and work. Therefore, if you are frustrated with the sporadic updates (as I have been in previous cases of stories followed), please consider yourselves warned. I would attempt to update once a week on Thursdays. If anything, I would appreciate ideas regarding the progression of the story if you are so inclined.

G.J Raven