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April 30, 2016
Posted at 9:43 am

As a fully paid-up 'Grumpy old Git' (I saw a notice in the back of a car - 'Grumpy Old Git On Board'. I want one!) I have become somewhat adjusted to the loss to death of friends and relations. This is just an inevitable part of life. Sometimes, though, difficult decisions have to be taken.
In a couple of my stories, characters have to 'let go' of a loved one ('Dulcie's Devastation' and 'Jim and Su')...
Seventeen years ago, my wife and I fostered a boy, who stayed with us through his first year at Uni. Just before he was due to go back, he collapsed with a cardiac arrest, as a result of which he was physically (not mentally) disabled; blind, severely impaired speech and badly contracted arms. He made it clear that, should further problem occur, he was not to be rescusitated.
Last Saturday, aged 24, he suffered a further arrest as my wife was with him and she had the difficult experience of not doing anything as he departed this life.
Quite incredibly distressing...