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Denham Forrest?

April 29, 2016
Posted at 4:37 pm

I've been asked quite a few times of late, where the name Denham Forrest comes from; basically because people have been unable to locate such a place on a map.

The fact is, when I was researching a name to use for an author character in one of the yarns I was writing that I first came-up with the name "Denham Forrest".

When one (don't that sound pretentious, but I'm sure that is the correct term to use) is writing, one has to be careful if one is being too specific about a character's life and/or lifestyle, that they cannot inadvertently be mistaken for some person who does actually exist.

Denham woods was a area I fondly recalled from my courting days as young man. It had a number of those very secluded, quiet and dark parking places that can prove to be so necessary at that time on ones life; I'm sure you get the general idea.

Denham, I'd decided was a suitably close sounding (but different) replacement for Denholm and therefor hopefully would be unique as a Christian name. And Forrest with the double "R" I planned would help to differentiate there as well.

However when I found that I was receiving numerous complaints that "The Wanderer's" story's were almost impossible to locate via a Internet search engine (about 3,000th. on the list, I believe) the same day as I was about to post anther story. I realized that needed replacement for my original pen name in a hurry. So I purloined a name that I'd researched from my files.

The strange thing is, within months of it's first posting some bright-spark had entered a competition or race or something in the USA registering under the name "Denham Forrest". Mind you, I've never found another listing for the bloke, so I got it figured that it was someone having some fun or not wishing to register under his real name for some reason.

Explanation complete, I hope.