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Comments on "Rule of The Cyborg Masters"

April 29, 2016
Posted at 6:12 am

Starting this year of 2016 I have decided to place all my Science Fiction genre stories under the control of L. Sprague Campbell Jr. for purposes of sorting out my shotgun approach of writing. This is a genre of writing that has always been a favorite of mine. I have about 50 other Science fiction stories scattered across the array of alternate pen-names but mostly under author Harry Lime. I promise to update the other 3 stories currently under the L. Sprague Campbell Jr. banner ASAP. My primary genre has been mostly "erotica" and I estimate 80% of my stories have erotic elements. This particular story is no exception. For some unknown reason, the sense of sexual exploitation tends to be rampant in the Robotics sub-genre of Science Fiction. I found it built-in like a deep-rooted ingredient of most film productions that portrayed futuristic scenarios of Robotic Science-Fiction. The desire for emotions was a key element in the most popular SF industries like Star Wars and Star Trek. Of course, "Blade-Runner" was spot-on with the character of the female "entertainment" Cyborg with martial arts skills. I had turned off the voting section temporarily due to the first vote being a "1' and skewing the purpose of the voting field. Now that the story has more than 1,000 downloads and almost 100 in library, I turned it back on because I like to analyze the pattern of voting as the story develops. I expect this story to be longer than the other 3 stories which will remain short stories of about 10K words. I will do my best to restrain my erotica writing tendencies but my fingers on the keyboard are more "Dr. Strangelove" than I like to admit.