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Reader vote: Best creampie scenario

April 24, 2016
Posted at 3:04 am

Unsafe sex is a big turn on for me and it figures prominently in almost all of my erotica, but I realise I've been selfish and writing just the one scenario - the one where the girl (often a virgin) has a creampie fetish and she gets one.

I'm writing a new story now and I want to see if there's other scenarios that readers would prefer, so why not a vote?

Scene: Older man - younger woman. In this case Father / Daughter, but it could be Teacher / Student if that's your kink. The point is, they're not supposed to be thinking about fucking each other. I have a long, slow buildup of sexy photos, cyber sex, and mutual masturbation, but now it's time for them to succumb to the fucking that they know is just so wrong.

Through the long weeks of teasing foreplay, our heroine has discovered a creampie fantasy, but like sex with her father/teacher, it's all just part of the taboo 'fantasy', not something that she truly contemplates. When it comes to the sex, there are three choices I'm contemplating:

1. Vanilla - She decides a creampie is what she wants and encourages him to finish inside her.
2. Surprise creampie - She thinks he's going to pull out, but he doesn't. The first she knows is when she feels the hot gush of cum inside her.
3. Forced creampie - This is where she is crying that she's not safe and not to cum inside her, and he either doesn't care or (more likely for this relationship) he mistakenly thinks it is a role-play and gets off on her reluctance, while she gets off on having her fantasy forcibly fulfilled. Caveat - both must want it by the time he cums.

I realise that there are more options in a creampie story that I'm not covering (anal, gangbang, cum licking, stranger's cum, cumming on pussy/tits.face, God know what else), but I'm not going there.

Help me, creampie lovers. Please rate these scenarios with a star rating. eg.
Vanilla - 3 stars
Surprise - 4 stars
Forced - 5 stars

Although I'm a bit vanilla, I think I could enjoy the others too. Let me know, and you could help guide my story to a happy ending.