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What's going on? You suddenly vanished again!

April 18, 2016
Posted at 3:59 am

Hi guys,

No, I didn't die. Wanted to leave a note to tell you what's up.

My work is sorta being moved again. Again? yeah again.

But where?


It's being moved over to, a fandom website run by my wife and I, but, I have good news. The stories will remain here, just the new site will get the updates sooner than here.

Why? The approval process. Yes. The approval to post takes time here, and therefore the stories will be posted to my new site before here!

So don't worry. We'll keep things going here, but at the same time, other works will be posted there first before making it here.

Keep reading and reviewing.


Joshua L. Edwards
aka Arquillius, AKA Earthix AKA Nova