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And The Winner Is has started up

April 13, 2016
Posted at 4:38 pm

I'm happy to offer you a chance to read 'And The Winner Is', the finale of the Carstairs trilogy. This site has the best audience I've met so far and if you have the patience, I have the stories! (If you haven't got the patience, I have a website where you can buy them right now :)

You may be interested to know I've recently completed another book, which is a stand-alone novel. It is called 'The Most Hated Man'.

Professor Doctor Pjotr van Voogt tot Burema is the smartest man he knows. Not smart enough to understand why his wife left him, but still pretty smart. He lives in Amsterdam, in an academic bubble where he finds himself king of the hill.

His most recent scientific publication involves women, and how they use the fact that men can't live without them to their advantage. His theories are, to put it mildly, not well-received.

Forced to go into hiding, Pjotr slowly discovers there is more to him than an angry, weedy, clumsy professor. Then he meets Angel, who is literally a truck stop whore. Her life is an absolute disaster and their first meeting does not end well. She also happens to be the only person on Earth that Pjotr can bring himself to care about. Or is she?