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The Times They Are A Changing - Chapter 16 and Thanks!

April 8, 2016
Posted at 9:53 am

Chapter 16 Should be up early today. I found a typo (darned auto correction!) and put the corrected version in the queue. No point in letting an error go up when it can be corrected.

The rescued captives arrive at Hannah's home and are greeted by Baby. Relief sets in, an extended slumber party ensues, and we are introduced to some very resilient ladies.

Let me thank you all for the thoughtful responses to my earlier request. It is gratifying to know how closely you folks follow these stories. My particular thanks to Douglas, who at my request, supplied detailed reactions both to Times and to the short story that will upload tomorrow. Another shout out to Fred, who in addition to responding with his own reactions, had his wife read the cited passage and included her opinion. Most valuable indeed!

I don't think I've told you folks this: In addition to these three stories being my first posted to SOL, they are the first three fiction stories that I've ever written. I'm experimenting with styles to see if I can communicate what I intend. Your feedback is very valuable. Sometimes you provoke ideas for future stories. For me, more important, your feedback tells me how I need to write in order to communicate what I intend. This is much like firing a rifle - I know where I aimed, but if I can't see the target, there is no knowing where or even if I hit it. This is the same for all the SOL authors.

In short, you folks have the potential to be far better teachers than found in any English literature class.

Again - My thanks!