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Where the HELL have you been?

April 7, 2016
Posted at 9:08 am

Not writing, that's for certain. After finishing 'Pretty CAPable', I started writing the sequel 'Fairly CAPable' - but I just wasn't feeling it. 'Pretty' was a very tight story (at least, in my mind) and I had a definite sequence of events that I wanted to depict. I'm not having similar success with 'Fairly'. The other Swarm writer's warned me about taking on too many diverse personalities with Calix's harem and perhaps they were right. The problem is that in building the personalities of Calix's concubines, I somehow lost Calix; the story I was writing became more diffuse as I threw more personalities at it.

So, I did what I always do - I took a break. Re-charged. I worked on other stories I've started and haven't finished (including some work on my upcoming 'magnum opus' that I started over three years ago and have yet to finish - but I'm getting close; I'm 18.25 chapters in and my thought is I can finish it out in 6 more or so - maybe less). I put together some new stories. I relaxed. Heck, I haven't even checked my email account in weeks (and I can see that I have HUNDREDS of emails in there that are going to take some time to get through).

So, for those of you waiting patiently on Calix's next adventure - I apologize but I'm not certain when it will be ready. I really need to out-think the story at this point and I'm not there yet. As for any other ramblings bouncing through my head - that's going to be a bit as well. I've got two vacations coming up in the next few months that I need to do some extensive preparation for and that's going to consume a lot of what little free time I have. Plus, I have my oldest in her first year of college who is having trouble acclimating so that's time consuming as well. No offense, but family, work - the ubiquitous Real Life - has to come before writing. At least, for now.

Thanks for your understanding and patience,
Kenn Ghannon