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Fixes & I Need A Little Help

April 6, 2016
Posted at 2:13 pm

I just placed fixes to Chapters 13 & 15 in the submission queue.

Thirteen corrects a minor typo.

Fifteen addresses two issue:

1) Three attentive readers pointed out the short time frame from Michael's phone calls to Marshal Pope and Sheriff Naile to his return and finding Pope had already called Hannah. I changed the wording slightly to more closely match my intent. Let me know if you feel it still doesn't work.

2) One reader pointed out that my usage of "fellows" could be viewed as both archaic and sexist. I don't necessarily agree, but if it is a problem - I want to fix it.

Please give me your opinion on the change from - "I want you to know that nothing that has happened during your captivity is your fault. Your job was to survive and to help your fellows to survive." to "Your job was to survive and to help your fellow captives to survive."

I take this very seriously, both in real life and as pertains to my stories.

Further, If anyone can suggest an alternative phrasing that I think is better, I'll send them an advance copy of the sequel when it is ready for uploading. To do that, I will need your email address when you reply.

Much thanks, folks, your interest and feedback is warming.