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Name Calling

April 4, 2016
Posted at 11:36 am

This past weekend someone, who shall remain nameless, emailed me saying I should finish "Jack's Gift". He accused me of being a hack.

I don't like being called names. It does no good to call someone a name. It doesn't accomplish anything and in the end it creates rifts between people. I won't do it and I don't like it.

The only thing this person did was to remind me that my story has been left sitting around waiting to see the light of day and to spur me to finish it. Well, "Jack's Gift" is not done per se. I have spent many hours working on the beginning and the middle leaving only the ending hanging in the wind.

So far, I have edited the beginning making it a bit more interesting and considering I was probably drunk at the time, hopefully it isn't too badly put together.

Here is a repost of chapter 1 for your pleasure.

Chapter 2 later this week and so forth.

To the person who wrote me and called me a name, thank you for caring so much about my writings that you took the time to write to me and urge me to finish the story. Be Well and Live Long and Prosper.