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New story...

March 28, 2016
Posted at 9:32 am

Finally done. I do not need another two weeks of this. Bad food poisoning for me, prolly should've gone to the hospital, instead rode it out, five days before I felt normal. And just in time for my were to wind up in the hospital with appendicitis. Sheesh.

Any how, in part you can thank or blame Uncle Jim for me finishing this. It was a bit hard to get back to writing after all of that, the motivation wasn't there, but then he dropped an edit job on me. Just the thing I needed to get me re-energized (and let me tell you, this one's already looking real interesting).

So, with that said, we've finally finished Dom the Dom Dommed. This one really came out different than it started, see my other blog for that. Heck, version two, the standard rewrite even came out different than I expected. Its a fun little number ifn gay sex doesn't scare you, and you like seeing a dom raped, broken, and enslaved.

Enjoy it out there, whatever you are...