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The Times They Are A Changing - Chapter 8

March 25, 2016
Posted at 11:43 am

Chapter 8 is the longest chapter in the story and should pop up this evening. The previous chapter appeared just after 7PM central time.

The team/family is on the move. They meet a few interesting, some dangerous, people. Cathleen is, indeed, a deadly shot. Bet you didn't think so when you first met her...

I uploaded fixes to typos in chapters 1,2,&3, but I still find stuff weeks after a final proofing. If you see anything, please let me know.

On another note, there have been few comments on the quick bonding between Michael and his ladies. This is NOT caused by nanites like happens aboard ship in Swarm extraction stories.

I wanted to make this clear because a couple of comments by Swarm authors and editors triggered a fun short story that you will see shortly. It's titled Don't Blame Me! and is in the final edit/proof.